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Day Power Premium Instant Oatmeal with real fruit

  • Dhs.100.00 AED

Full-Circle-All-Day Sign:

The DAYPOWER full-circle-all-day sign illustrates the daily healthy energy boost which is important for anyone still growing, living an active life, going to school, practicing sports, having busy, stressful- or physically demanding work.

Easy and Healthy:

Enjoying DAYPOWER Premium Instant Oatmeal does not necessarily mean compromising on nutrition.

DAYPOWER Premium Instant Oatmeal contains Vitamins B, E, K and Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium and Amino Acid Methionine - beneficial for the skin, bones, muscles, blood sugar level, blood pressure and digestion. The products contain no cholesterol.

To prepare a delicious DAYPOWER Premium Instant Oatmeal just takes 3-4 minutes. Simply add 120 ml boiling water, and let the oat meal sit for 3-4 minutes before enjoying your healthy meal.


20 sachets or Packet